Were a collection of simple-minded folk that believe in making great sandwiches and sharing them with the world. Ham sandwiches, turkey sandwiches and even vegetarian sandwiches for those inclined. Weve also been teaching people how to make sandwiches for a decade now and have successfully taught 500 people and counting.

Soggy bread, inferior ingredients and cut crusts, are just some of our pet peeves. The advent of fast food sandwiches forced us to make a stand and not sit for bad sandwiches any longer. Its not hard to make a proper ham sandwich. You just have to know how. And have the right motivation.

Our mission is to simply spread the joy of the sandwich and to avoid the over use of condiments.

Jens and Ingrid (pictured) recently immigrated to our fine shores from Sweden. Not only did they bring their 2 gorgeous teenage daughters with a healthy libido along, but they also brought their passion for making sandwiches with them too. They had heard about our foundation through mutual friends and contacted us to share in some radical Swedish sandwich making techniques. As you can imagine we were absolutely delighted to meet them and we eagerly accepted them into our foundation. Tak. That’s Swedish for thank you.

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